Our New Studio Space! by Christy Miller


Our New Studio Space! 

Mnemosyne Studio is very excited to update everyone on our new location. The time is almost here. Grand Opening is less than a week away (March 17th!) and we can't wait to show you the beauty of what a luxury studio looks like. 

This location is an excellent fit for Mnemosyne Studio, having more useable floor space, as well as heating and air (to say the least). We loved our old location but this one gives us much more room for growth. We still have 3 full sized bays, a headshot bay, and our makeup area. The women's bathroom area has 2 changing rooms for models or clients.  The new location has everything that we already had and more.  In addition to being bigger, and more conducive to our vision, the new location is much easier to find than our old location. 


In addition to opening this new location, we are pleased to announce that Christy Miller Photography and Shutter Octane Photography will be combining forces to become what you know as Mnemosyne Studio. Mnemosyne Studio will be offering contemporary portraiture in magazine styled custom photo shoot experiences; perfect for seniors, mothers, daughters, families, special occassion, and just BECAUSE. Our intent is to help you see yourself in a new light, bringing out the beauty in yourself and showing that to your loved ones. We want you to exist in photographs for your family, friends, and close ones. Our handmade folio boxes protect your images for years and years to come so you can hand these portrait down to your children and children's children as family keepsakes. We offer our services to you as a valuable, luxury product and service that you will want to show to everyone you know and love.

Mnemosyne Studio has completely rebranded and restructured our business. We will now be offering folio boxes, wall art, and framing services. For details and pricing, Click here! 

We hope that everyone will join us for our re-opening, March 17th, and enjoy our new location as much as we do.  Make sure to follow/like Mnemosyne Studio on Facebook to get the latest updates ASAP!