Elise Miller / by Christy Miller

Meet Elise.

She’s an avid creative person and a rockstar when it comes to dancing and helping others learn to dance, get a workout- she knows just how to motivate others to dance for themselves! When we were first introduced I asked her about her passions and what she loves to do. I learned she loved painting at the Tipsy Paintbrush as an artist and all about her passion for Zumba….but nothing showed me how much she truly lights up and gives her energy like her Photo shoot session!

Starting in hair and makeup she got pampered and we talked about what she loves to do. She looked at herself in the mirror and immediately had a beautiful smile. After hair and makeup we went straight into the Photo shoot with the beautiful blue dress she brought with her. These turned out perfectly for some professional personal branding head shots. We kicked it up a notch when she changed into our wardrobe choices. She was so elegant and glamorous.

BUT- the real magic happened when we decided to have fun and just dance. We turned on some Zumba songs (a random playlist from Pandora) and even in this gorgeous gown she started dancing to the beat. Getting her final shots in her Zumba workout outfit was just the icing on the cake!

This girl can seriously rock it, she has some moves and a passion for this that just blew me away. I was dancing, she was dancing, our hair and makeup artist was dancing, it was an absolute blast for us! Thank you Elise for showing us your passion in life and giving us the opportunity to capture your story as it is in progress, right now, in the present!

Elise Miller 2.png

Seeing her reaction to her portraits made my whole day. On her reveal day she watched a short video of some behind the scenes of her photo shoot day with a slideshow of her finished portraits (which you can watch below), but once she saw the printed portraits on the wall she was like “Wow! It’s a wall of me!” She chose 6 matted 7x10 prints to take home with her, she now has a beautiful folio box to keep them all safe in as well as her crystal USB with matching digital images to share online, create marketing materials with, or reprint anytime down the road. Her package also came with a custom marketing image to use for her personal branding online! Custom personal branding materials can really help each client by boosting confidence and showing others how truly professional they are.

Elise- Keep dancing, always keep smiling (because it comes so naturally for you!), and keep motivating and helping others to get up and dance it out.

-Christy Miller