Cori Stuart / by Christy Miller

Meet Cori.

Her smile can warm any space and just talking to her for a few moments can really set your mind at ease. She has a comforting way of approaching people and listening to their thoughts and feeling their energy. She’s a personal transformation coach, a Reiki and crystal energy worker and a public speaker. She has this unique ability to really listen to other’s thoughts and by removing herself out of the equation, letting the energy flow, she creates this space where it becomes effortless to figure out what they need to work on and change as the energies shift. And I’m not just saying that because that’s what she writes about, I’m saying it because I experienced it firsthand during our photo shoot.

One of the most positive, fun, and energizing photo sessions I’ve ever experienced was with Cori. We talked about her dreams and how her business is really the business of transformation and healing and how she helps her clients use their strengths and insights to fulfill their desire for change. She told me about different crystals, what they are good for and how she uses them, with such knowledge and passion; it was enthralling and I learned so much from her. She gifted me crystals that I keep on my desk and every time I see them I smile. I keep a few in my pocket and on me now always. They keep me grounded and that gift is more precious than you know!

Seeing her photographs up on the wall was a wonderful experience. She said it was one of the hardest decisions for her, and I knew we had done the entire process justice. “It’s so hard to pick!” She chose her favorite ones and we still couldn’t stop talking about the positive energy, change, and development between both of us and our lives personally and through our business. I couldn’t have asked for a more powerful experience to share than with Cori and I am honored she came to our studio for her portrait needs.

I’ll be watching for her to reach her dreams, cheering her on as she goes, knowing her story is so vibrant and beautiful and that she’s touched and helped many people in their own journeys through life! Thank you Cori for your devotion to life, exuberance and love, and sharing your story with me and our studio.

I often write on transformational moments in others lives or events that I’ve signed up for to work on particular spots for growth and Christy and Mnemosyne Studios completely took me by surprise! I feel like my mindset got a loving acknowledgment of why I’m on my path and to stay my course.
I signed up knowing I needed updated portraits and received so much more. From the moment I walked into to Studio it was a VIP experience. We all discussed desires, dreams, universal energy and love and how we each have a purpose here on earth. I’m beyond thankful for the reminder of what happens when we surrender and say yes, and how we can all be healers in our own way and how opportunities truly are everywhere.
— Cori Stuart