Experience a Glamour Photo Shoot- Why you should have one and how to prepare for the photoshoot / by Christy Miller

As many of you know we believe it is important to exist in photographs, but why is that? We believe beauty only gets better with age, and style! As you age it’s a wonderful experience to look back and to see your personal transformation in life- so getting those photographs professionally taken at all ages is so important.

Some of you may feel that glamour shots are for the young, models, or for those who are truly daring. You would be so surprised at the number of 40, 50, and 60 years old that are embracing their true beauty and booking a photo shoot.

Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.
— Amy Ippoliti

Having a glamour photo shoot experience, at any age, is all about doing something for YOU and something that will make you remember how absolutely amazing you feel and look. It is a confidence booster, a self reflective mood enhancer, and a time to put your fears and worries aside to celebrate who you truly are inside and out.

Our photo shoots include professional hair and makeup styling. We take the guess work out by asking you simple questions about your personal style, which makeup style you tend to gravitate towards and how you typically wear your makeup on a regular day and on a night out. It’s important to us to know your style so that when you get in front of the camera you are confident in your skin.

What are some important steps that you can do to get ready for your photo session?

Here’s some great preparation tips!


Our tips to achieve an amazing photo shoot experience


You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.
— Anonymous
  1. Do your regular face washing regiment the day before/day of. Pick up an exfoliating mask that can help you brush off any dead skin that may be visible through the sharp lens of a camera. Doing this one or twice before your photo shoot (with a few days in between- not back to back) can really make a difference in how you feel refreshed!

  2. Try getting a facial, spoil yourself a little. If this is something you’ve been excited for, take a few minutes and go book a facial at a local salon/spa. Try to get this done about a week or so before your shoot in case of any post-facial redness or irritation. Take some moments while you are there to get excited for your upcoming session.

  3. Eyebrow grooming is important! If you’re someone who typically gets your eyebrows done professionally make sure you’ve booked your wax at least 3 days in advance and if you trim or pluck give at least 1-2 days before the photo shoot.


  1. Coloring or Touching up your hair dye is an important step. Keeping in mind that typically dramatic recoloring or extreme hair styling is not typically (not always, but typically) not the time to make changes to your look. Go with what you love and what makes you happy. Book an appointment with your stylist a few days to a week beforehand to be model ready!

  2. Get a trim if you haven’t had it done in a while. Those nice sharp edges or feathered waves can make quite the statement in your portraits.

  3. Hair frizz? Have you had a deep conditioning treatment recently? If not talk to your hair dresser about having a relaxing deep conditioning treatment for your hair. This can really help soften and smooth your hair. You can also do this at home with a deep conditioning mask a few days before your session.


  1. Getting a manicure before your session is really the icing on the cake here. We always forget or neglect our hands but they are so much part of the expressiveness in portraiture! A beautiful french tip is always timeless and classy and will typically go with any wardrobe you have chosen. Make sure that unless your creative session is styled with bright bold colors to go with muted tones, classic white french tips, or a color that compliments your wardrobe choice.

  2. Depending on the style of your shoot it is best to be prepared! Hair removal, shaving your legs, the typical grooming that you do is important a day or so before the session.

  3. Spray tanning? We suggest that if you aren’t accustomed to getting a spray tan to avoid this option. If you typically get this done we suggest doing so 3-4 days before hand. It is important for you to feel comfortable in your own skin!



The biggest thing we hear is…but what do I wear!? Don’t panic we’ve got you covered with some simple suggestions!

  1. Stay away from the prints. We know you have that amazing wonderful print shirt or dress that you just love but ask yourself- is this a little too much? Typically in timeless shots we suggest monotones (white, black, gray), neutral colors (beige, tan, browns), and muted colors (such as blue, green, etc). Solid colors make a huge impact as it doesn’t take away from the important part of the photograph- YOU!

  2. Go with something you are comfortable with that compliments your body type. Do you have one of those dresses or pants that you just absolutely love and everyone compliments you in it? Yes that’s what we’re talking about!

  3. We will help you build a wardrobe. Also, check out the wardrobe selection in our studio at the consultation. You’ll be free to try on any dresses that you want at the consultation to see how comfortable you feel in some of our gorgeous dresses.

  4. If you still aren’t sure- ASK US! We go through a consultation to get to know you and your style. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything you aren’t sure of and most importantly we want to remind you that this is for YOU. You matter to us and in the end this is to create timeless portraits of you for your children and your children’s children.