Vintage Hair and Makeup Trends! / by Christy Miller


To some, it may seem like the trends of old are coming back, and that's true.  Vintage trends are definitely making a comeback! Everything from contouring to winged eyeliner. Most of today's beauty trends are taken from the decades long past. We did some research and found out just how old certain trends are. 



Contouring has been around since the 16th century, but not in the way that you would think. Originally done by using soot and chalk, it was used in stage productions to help the audience read the actors expressions. 

By the 1920's, contouring made its way into the film world. It was used to accentuate the natural lines of the face, and also help the face not appear flat on film. 

Models and Actors/Actresses still use contouring today to enhance the structures of the face. 


Finger waves

Finger waves were a popular hair style of the 1920's and 1930's, and has been making a pretty big comeback since the 1990's. 

When finger waves were originally developed in the 20's it was to add style and soften the appearance of the bobbed hairstyles during the flapper era.  Finger waves were versatile in the fact that if you wanted casual, you could brush the waves out, or leave the wave in its original shape for a more dramatic look.  


Winged Eyeliner

Eye liner has been around since at least 10,000 BC. Egyptians wore eyeliner not only for aesthetics but also to protect their skin from the hot, desert sun.  In the 1920's when Tutenkhamun's tomb was discovered, it introduced eyeliner to the western world.

In the 1940's, we see the winged eyeliner come into the picture during World War II on pin up model photos.  The trend of winged eyeliner has continued since the 40's in various ways, but still just as beautiful. No matter how big, or how small the wing is, it beautifully accentuates the eyes.  


Enhanced Beauty Marks

A beauty mark is typically a dark facial mole, seen as an attractive feature.  In the 1950's , Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark generated a new standard in the fashion world.  False Beauty marks have been applied to the face since the 18th century because they were so highly regarded. 

In recent years, people have even gotten Monroe piercings, named after Marilyn Monroe, and its been the newest way of giving yourself a beauty mark. However, some take it to the extreme, like Dita Von Teese who has her beauty mark tattooed on her face.  

Smokey Eyes

Its believed that the smokey eye look has also been around since Ancient Egyptian times as well. The belief was that the darkening around the eyes would protect from the harsh rays of the sun, as well as, protect against being cursed by the evil eye.  We see the smokey eyes some in the 1920's and then dark colors went out of style again. 

It came back in the 1960's for a brief period of time, and then in the 1990's in the grunge look. Since then the smokey eye has stayed around and been used as the go-to for evening makeup for parties or similar occasions. 


False Lashes

False lashes have been around since the 1880's. In Paris, it was said they found out how to make false lashes by having hair sewn into the eyelids. Thankfully in 1911, real artificial lashes were created. 

Today, there are two types of false lashes. Temporary lashes that are applied with glue that come off at the end of the night, and Semi-permanent lashes. Semi permanent lashes is ,also known as, individual eyelash extentions where a different type of adhesive is used to attach the lashes. These last for 3-4 weeks making lash extensions a monthly service if you want to maintain your look.