Behind The Scenes- Baby Photoshoot! / by Christy Miller

Behind the scenes

Today, We were honored to be able to photograph a sweet 8-week old baby.  We'll show you some behind the scenes images and we'll go over some safety tips for you. 

Safety is, of course, the number one priority when doing a newborn shoot. ALWAYS having hands on the baby, or an adult/parent right next to the baby with hands very close. For younger newborns, it is important to understand that many images that you'll see are composite images. Using multiple images of the baby with the parent's hands in different positions, then compiled together to make one stunning image.  


Comforting Baby

For this session, We turned the heat up in the studio to a comfortable 78 degrees with a small heater in the corner that we were shooting in. This keeps baby comfortable while we're doing our shoot and dressing/undressing into different outfits.  Although we sweat a little bit, this is really the ideal temperature for photographing a newborn to 1-2 month old. 

We did some side poses as well as bum up poses, which of course included posing the feet underneath with them laying on their tummy.  Soothing baby when moving or posing is critical to keeping them asleep. Sometimes a pacifier is required, but not always. 


It takes some effort!

Our mom brought some of her props and outfits. We also used some of the props that we have here to create our final edits, which we will post after their reveal.  We believe its extremely important to capture this age because they're only THIS small once.  

Our clients love seeing the final images. They experience tears of joy and we love hearing the audible oohs and awws while they are viewing their images.

Working with infants is hard, and worth every single moment. Especially when you get the small details, the tiny fingers, the itsy bitsy toes.