Why you shouldn't wait to be photographed! / by Christy Miller


You're already perfect! 

If you’re waiting for the right time, it may feel like you never get anything done. Sometimes even if everything seems 'perfect' we find a reason and make an excuse to put it off.  People always say they have to do 'this' or 'that' before they can get photographed. We've heard all the excuses, but the reality is, you're already perfect, just the way you are today. 


Your children see you as Mom. Mom to them means many things. It can mean the very definition of love, hope, and mentor. You are their world, and in their eyes, you are already perfect. The role model they need, the strong woman they see, and the caring and compassionate person who helps them when they fall down.

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Don't fixate on flaws

We fixate on our flaws to the point that we are discouraged by them. You already are perfect. Your body size doesn't matter. The way your hair falls doesn't matter.  What matters is that 10 or 20 years down the road when your kids are looking for portraits of their mom what will they find? 

Will they find that the images are few and far between? Their focus will be seeing their mom loving them and being with them; caring to be present with them in family portraits. Will they find some beautiful images of her just existing with her children- accepting herself and loving her body and her kids enough to exist in portraits with them at THAT moment in time because she deemed herself worth it? 

Sometimes we need to push aside our insecurities. The truth of the matter is that your children, and many people around you, see you as a beautiful, intelligent, loving woman. Ten years from now you'll look back at photos of yourself and be proud of the mom you are and reflect on how far you've come. Have you ever just looked at a photograph and had memories come flooding back? Those emotions and feelings are so vital to the way we remember the past.

Existing in photographs, by yourself, or with your children is an empowering experience. Your children will thank you for it, and you will feel thankful for the memories you saved- those moments frozen in time.


Live in the moment

Life is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. I guarantee that your children want pictures with their mother, and that your husband wants pictures with his wife!


Photos are a very important part of your children's memories. Getting gorgeous pictures taken of yourself or your family isn't silly. It's a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime to come. We're telling you that you're worth it, that you are strong, you should be proud and feel beautiful inside and out. We want to show that to the world.  All it takes is a good photographer that knows how to work with you, give you guidance, find the light and help you to look your best.