Pink Mentor Network Event- Before and Afters! / by Christy Miller



This is Kirsten from the Pink Mentor Network headshot refresh event. Kirsten loved seeing a few sneak peeks of her images and commented about how professional she looked. As the session went on, she became more and more relaxed. She most definitely left with a smile on her face. She was so happy with her transformation and couldn't wait to book her reveal. 



Gina loved her makeover. She was so happy with the way she looked that she even said she was going to go on a date after her shoot! There were smiles all around in this shoot. She loved how happy she looked in her shots but the smiles were very natural. 



Deana was probably the best reaction to her makeover. She couldn't even believe her eyes. By the end of her shoot, she was walking around the studio as if she were royalty. You could see the confidence as she walked. That is what we aim for at Mnemosyne Studio.