What is a Folio Box? / by Christy Miller


Folio Boxes

What exactly is a folio box? You might be wondering...well we're here to give you some insight into these beautiful products and why we love them.

The term "folio" comes from photographers presenting their work to potential clients, art shows, galleries, and other artistic opportunities in a portfolio. A portfolio is an edited collection of their best work to show an artist’s style or method of work. Portfolios were typically printed out and placed into a book for ease of viewing.

In the earlier years most photographers offered separate prints with paper box packaging or prints inside of bound books such as albums. We now have the option of the Folio Box. We scoured many different vendors until we came across one that we loved. The 11"X14" Signature Folio Box that can hold up to 25 matted images. 


Protection and Construction

They preserve and protect your prints, and it's easy to keep them safe, or you can gift the prints as they already come matted and ready to be framed.

The Folio boxes are made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted more than 10 times to be mirror finished in either black or white. The insides are black plush felt lined, chrome hinges and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of the mats.  Each folio box comes with a matching easel to display a matted print on as well as using the box as a frame. 


Why a Folio box?

Our clients love them because they are easy to use as window box displays! They sit upright on any flat surface such as a desk or bookshelf.  You can also change the images out daily, weekly, etc at your leisure, which is why we believe they are nicer than most traditional albums. 

Ten, twenty, thirty years down the road...your prints will still be clean and beautifully preserved! The folio box makes it easy to start your collection, and add to it over the years. Mothers, daughters, sons, and generations later and this beautiful box remains an heirloom for your family!