The What and Why of #ExistInPhotos! / by Christy Miller


#ExistinPhotos is a campaign from a wonderful Australian Photographer named Sue Bryce. She believes that photographers, as well as clients, need to exist in photography. We've all been at a point in our lives where we don't feel like we're good enough to be in front of a camera. We've all said things like, "I take horrible pictures." "I don't like the way I look on camera", "I'm not photogenic", etc... But #ExistInPhotos is about being PROUD of who you are, and how you look. Some people have low self-esteem but after being pampered and having a photo session with us they walk out with such a confidence boost. Everyone DESERVES to be seen, and everyone deserves to have a LEGACY. 

I've seen so many mothers get professional photos done of their children, but they're rarely ever in the photos with them; simply because they think they don't like the way they look. They are the ones behind the camera focusing on the most precious joys in their life: their kids. We are here to give you a message: Get in those photos with your kids! Because that's what you're leaving behind for your children. Celebrate the life that you have, in every stage of your beautiful life. Because those photos will be cherished for decades to come. Wouldn't you rather have gorgeous professional quality photos instead of a selfie? Your kids don't remember exactly what you looked like on a certain day- but they remember the love, the hugs, the smiles, and kisses, and the love and kindness they receive from you.

Don't hide and stop yourself from being remembered. Be proud of you who you are. Be proud of the accomplishments that you've made. Don't ever doubt your value. You are good enough to be in photographs. With your children, friends or even pets. We, as photographers, promise that we can show you an entirely new side of yourself.