Why is it important to get printed photographs? / by Christy Miller


In the past decade, with the way that technology has advanced, we've seen a decline in people printing their photos.  Digitally storing photos is a great thing, but it should only be used as a backup.  Technology is constantly changing but it also has the capability to fail.  

You also probably don't realize the fact that all the pictures that you have saved on a hard drive, cell phone, etc. aren't photos. They are files. Files that can potentially become photos.  As well as, technology will change, over and over again. Do you remember the Sony Memory Stick, the xD cards, and floppy disks? All of those things were very widely used in their day, but most computers no longer have the hardware to access the files on those storage devices anymore. 


This is the reason that we've chosen the products that we have.  We believe that it is important to maintain and retain physical prints. The products that we've chosen will last for over 200 years. It is important to exist in printed photographs. 


What does this all mean for you? This means your children in 50 years won't have to worry about old outdated technology and the inability to access files. They'll have hard copies. Photographs that will be tangible items. They'll see you when you were younger and know that you placed value on yourself because you took the time to go to a professional to get your wall portraits and images printed.