Elise Miller by Christy Miller

She’s an avid creative person and a rockstar when it comes to dancing and helping others learn to dance, get a workout- she knows just how to motivate others to dance for themselves! When we were first introduced…

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Cori Stuart by Christy Miller

Meet Cori.

Her smile can warm any space and just talking to her for a few moments can really set your mind at ease. She has a comforting way of approaching people and listening to their thoughts and feeling their energy. She’s a personal transformation coach, a Reiki and crystal energy worker and a public speaker. She has this unique ability to really listen to other’s thoughts and by removing herself out of the equation, letting the energy flow, she creates this space where it becomes effortless to figure out what they need to work on and change as the energies shift. And I’m not just saying that because that’s what she writes about, I’m saying it because I experienced it firsthand during our photo shoot.

One of the most positive, fun, and energizing photo sessions I’ve ever experienced was with Cori. We talked about her dreams and how her business is really the business of transformation and healing and how she helps her clients use their strengths and insights to fulfill their desire for change. She told me about different crystals, what they are good for and how she uses them, with such knowledge and passion; it was enthralling and I learned so much from her. She gifted me crystals that I keep on my desk and every time I see them I smile. I keep a few in my pocket and on me now always. They keep me grounded and that gift is more precious than you know!

Seeing her photographs up on the wall was a wonderful experience. She said it was one of the hardest decisions for her, and I knew we had done the entire process justice. “It’s so hard to pick!” She chose her favorite ones and we still couldn’t stop talking about the positive energy, change, and development between both of us and our lives personally and through our business. I couldn’t have asked for a more powerful experience to share than with Cori and I am honored she came to our studio for her portrait needs.

I’ll be watching for her to reach her dreams, cheering her on as she goes, knowing her story is so vibrant and beautiful and that she’s touched and helped many people in their own journeys through life! Thank you Cori for your devotion to life, exuberance and love, and sharing your story with me and our studio.

I often write on transformational moments in others lives or events that I’ve signed up for to work on particular spots for growth and Christy and Mnemosyne Studios completely took me by surprise! I feel like my mindset got a loving acknowledgment of why I’m on my path and to stay my course.
I signed up knowing I needed updated portraits and received so much more. From the moment I walked into to Studio it was a VIP experience. We all discussed desires, dreams, universal energy and love and how we each have a purpose here on earth. I’m beyond thankful for the reminder of what happens when we surrender and say yes, and how we can all be healers in our own way and how opportunities truly are everywhere.
— Cori Stuart

Experience a Glamour Photo Shoot- Why you should have one and how to prepare for the photoshoot by Christy Miller

As many of you know we believe it is important to exist in photographs, but why is that? We believe beauty only gets better with age, and style! As you age it’s a wonderful experience to look back and to see your personal transformation in life- so getting those photographs professionally taken at all ages is so important.

Some of you may feel that glamour shots are for the young, models, or for those who are truly daring. You would be so surprised at the number of 40, 50, and 60 years old that are embracing their true beauty and booking a photo shoot.

Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.
— Amy Ippoliti

Having a glamour photo shoot experience, at any age, is all about doing something for YOU and something that will make you remember how absolutely amazing you feel and look. It is a confidence booster, a self reflective mood enhancer, and a time to put your fears and worries aside to celebrate who you truly are inside and out.

Our photo shoots include professional hair and makeup styling. We take the guess work out by asking you simple questions about your personal style, which makeup style you tend to gravitate towards and how you typically wear your makeup on a regular day and on a night out. It’s important to us to know your style so that when you get in front of the camera you are confident in your skin.

What are some important steps that you can do to get ready for your photo session?

Here’s some great preparation tips!


Our tips to achieve an amazing photo shoot experience


You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.
— Anonymous
  1. Do your regular face washing regiment the day before/day of. Pick up an exfoliating mask that can help you brush off any dead skin that may be visible through the sharp lens of a camera. Doing this one or twice before your photo shoot (with a few days in between- not back to back) can really make a difference in how you feel refreshed!

  2. Try getting a facial, spoil yourself a little. If this is something you’ve been excited for, take a few minutes and go book a facial at a local salon/spa. Try to get this done about a week or so before your shoot in case of any post-facial redness or irritation. Take some moments while you are there to get excited for your upcoming session.

  3. Eyebrow grooming is important! If you’re someone who typically gets your eyebrows done professionally make sure you’ve booked your wax at least 3 days in advance and if you trim or pluck give at least 1-2 days before the photo shoot.


  1. Coloring or Touching up your hair dye is an important step. Keeping in mind that typically dramatic recoloring or extreme hair styling is not typically (not always, but typically) not the time to make changes to your look. Go with what you love and what makes you happy. Book an appointment with your stylist a few days to a week beforehand to be model ready!

  2. Get a trim if you haven’t had it done in a while. Those nice sharp edges or feathered waves can make quite the statement in your portraits.

  3. Hair frizz? Have you had a deep conditioning treatment recently? If not talk to your hair dresser about having a relaxing deep conditioning treatment for your hair. This can really help soften and smooth your hair. You can also do this at home with a deep conditioning mask a few days before your session.


  1. Getting a manicure before your session is really the icing on the cake here. We always forget or neglect our hands but they are so much part of the expressiveness in portraiture! A beautiful french tip is always timeless and classy and will typically go with any wardrobe you have chosen. Make sure that unless your creative session is styled with bright bold colors to go with muted tones, classic white french tips, or a color that compliments your wardrobe choice.

  2. Depending on the style of your shoot it is best to be prepared! Hair removal, shaving your legs, the typical grooming that you do is important a day or so before the session.

  3. Spray tanning? We suggest that if you aren’t accustomed to getting a spray tan to avoid this option. If you typically get this done we suggest doing so 3-4 days before hand. It is important for you to feel comfortable in your own skin!



The biggest thing we hear is…but what do I wear!? Don’t panic we’ve got you covered with some simple suggestions!

  1. Stay away from the prints. We know you have that amazing wonderful print shirt or dress that you just love but ask yourself- is this a little too much? Typically in timeless shots we suggest monotones (white, black, gray), neutral colors (beige, tan, browns), and muted colors (such as blue, green, etc). Solid colors make a huge impact as it doesn’t take away from the important part of the photograph- YOU!

  2. Go with something you are comfortable with that compliments your body type. Do you have one of those dresses or pants that you just absolutely love and everyone compliments you in it? Yes that’s what we’re talking about!

  3. We will help you build a wardrobe. Also, check out the wardrobe selection in our studio at the consultation. You’ll be free to try on any dresses that you want at the consultation to see how comfortable you feel in some of our gorgeous dresses.

  4. If you still aren’t sure- ASK US! We go through a consultation to get to know you and your style. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything you aren’t sure of and most importantly we want to remind you that this is for YOU. You matter to us and in the end this is to create timeless portraits of you for your children and your children’s children.

Important Family Memories 7/13/2018 by Christy Miller

Leah, Serge, and her mother Ismene

Leah, Serge, and her mother Ismene

When it comes to family portraits- we know how important they are. I was recently introduced to a wonderful and cheerful woman named Leah. We saw each other frequently through a mutual friend and each time we talked it always seemed easy to open up to her. I told her about the studio, the reason why we were going in this new direction with printed photographs, my mother's passing, and how heartbreaking it had been for me. She in turn opened up about her family and her father and the disease that he is fighting. Parkinson's disease is incurable, and Serge, her father is in his 10th year of diagnosis with this slowly debilitating thief. Parkinson's disease is a thief. It steals memories, it steals emotions, and it steals happiness, so every time that her family sees his personality shine through, his laughter, a simple smile even, it is a joyful moment for them.

It started with a simple question "When was the last time you were photographed professionally with your family?"


"The Kiss"- Leah's reaction to this image was pure joy and tears. This was one of her absolute favorites.

"The Kiss"- Leah's reaction to this image was pure joy and tears. This was one of her absolute favorites.

Leah is an inspiring woman- and I mean that every bit. She's a fighter, she's a strong mother, she's got a beautiful personality and can always make you laugh or smile when you need some comforting. Her mother is the sweetest woman as well with a heart of gold. While the ladies were getting their hair and makeup done it was smiles all around. Sharing some pampering time with the two of them, seeing her mother watching Leah get her hair and makeup done she was beaming with happiness and couldn't stop gushing about how beautiful her daughter is. 

Ismene getting her foundation and powder on from our professional makeup artist.

Ismene getting her foundation and powder on from our professional makeup artist.

They picked up their outfits and went to the changing rooms to get dressed and ready. Earrings, necklaces, and all the small details were put together and we were ready for the family session to start!

Question: What was your reason for having a photo shoot?

Answer: "It was a way for me to capture the love and strength of my beautiful family for years to come, for my children, and their children to look back and truly see this beautiful moment in time, this beautiful love that makes a family. And that that’s where they come from; It’s a moment in time, but it’s so much more." - Leah 

"Wow you look incredible"- Matt

"Wow you look incredible"- Matt

Matt, Leah's boyfriend, joined us for a few of the shots in the beginning of the session! He took time off of work just to be there and be present in some of the photographs for Leah. It was beyond sweet and as soon as we had taken some portraits of them both with the family and the two of them, he gave her hugs and kisses and went back to work. This mirror shot shows how happy he was to spend some time with her, seeing her get pampered was a big part of the experience for them. We love that he couldn't stop smiling and saying she was gorgeous. How sweet! 

The Portrait Session

Matt and Leah

Matt and Leah

During the photoshoot we had some refreshments and light snacks for the family. Our seating area is set up like a comfortable modern home atmosphere so when we needed to take breaks there was a comfortable welcoming environment for Serge and the family to sit down and rest. We changed backgrounds, changed outfits, and made sure each pose was comfortable for everyone in the shot.

Question: Why did you choose Mnemosyne Studio for your photo session?

Answer: "I was first introduced to Mnemosyne Studio and Christy and Ray through a mutual friend who is a client and knew of their incredible talent and professionalism. When I walked through the doors of Mnemosyne studio, I knew I was walking into the workplace of true artists, passionately pursuing the excellence of their craft. But more than that, I walked into a warm, inviting and loving place, that reflected the owners Christy and Ray’s ability to genuinely connect with the people they work with." - Leah

"Father's Protective Love" Serge wrapped his arms around his wife and daughter. The connection in this photograph is beyond words to us. 

"Father's Protective Love" Serge wrapped his arms around his wife and daughter. The connection in this photograph is beyond words to us. 



Near the end of the session Ray directed the portraits of Serge by himself. We felt it was important to capture his personality, eye connection, and facial expressions. At one point Serge turned and had the biggest smile on his face and we were able to capture it as he looked right at the camera. 

Altogether, this entire photo session touched our hearts and reminds us that the true reason behind what we do is so important- spending time and energy on family togetherness is never a waste. It is a cherished gift that we hold close and sometimes we need that reminder down the road of how our family touched our lives and boosted us up when we needed it. Photographs can evoke those memories long gone and also remind us of how truly wonderful life can be. 

Question: At your reveal tell us how you felt seeing your images on the wall. What was running through your mind?

Answer: "I was overwhelmed seeing the final prints!!! Looking at the portraits brought tears to my eyes. Seeing my family, our love and connection captured, and the quality of the materials and the final product truly surpassed all of my expectations!" - Leah

Thank you Leah for taking the time to exist in photographs for yourself, your family, and your children. 

- Christy Miller of Mnemosyne Studio

Check out the video of Leah's family portrait session and behind the scenes below. Don't forget to like and follow us on Youtube and Facebook to keep updated with who and what we are photographing next! 


Question: What was the most memorable part of your photo shoot day?

Answer: "Watching as my parents, my family were photographed and seeing the joy on their faces. Christy and Ray really helped them through this process. Taking a portrait photograph is more than just snapping a picture, capturing an image, it’s about connecting with the real live person in front of you, and bringing that person and their personality out into the spotlight. Christy and Ray really gave my family a gift, they put their heart and soul into getting the most amazing portraits of the people I love the most." - Leah

The eyes are the windows to the soul
— Traditional Proverb
"The Smile"- This was Ismene's favorite. 

"The Smile"- This was Ismene's favorite. 


A Wedding at Luna's Trail! by Christy Miller


The Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding, despite the threat of rain constantly throughout the day. It held off long enough for the ceremony and only became more beautiful as the afternoon progressed.  We were able to run away with the bride and groom throughout the down times during the reception to grab some incredible sunset scenery images.

Everything down to the details were captured and the Bride and groom had smiles on their faces all day long.The emotional moments, the happy laughs, the tears of joy, we loved capturing them all. 



The Venue

The ceremony was at Luna's Trail. Set on the bank of a lake and also overlooking one of our favorite views of a meadow and creek on the property, the Venue is the main gathering area at Luna’s Trail. Originally built as a pole barn, the venue has the rustic feel which fits in with the rest of the farm.  Located in the foothills of North Carolina, with gorgeous views of Pilot Mountain, Luna's Trail is the perfect venue for a wedding and the bride and groom picked a perfect venue and the bride's mother did an amazing job of planning every detail. 

What is Personal Branding? by Christy Miller


What is Personal Branding? 

Personal Branding helps you define your identity as a professional, entrepreneur, and business person. It uses professional images to portray your personality by establishing a prescribed image or impression in the minds of others.  

Personal branding helps you to market yourself, and your business, to others. Why is that important? Building a brand and an online presence allows for individuals to network not only socially but professionally as well.  Your personal brand is an extension of who you are, and it's what you want to present to peers and potential clients. 



Personal branding is marketing YOU. Creating lasting images in the minds of people who interact with you, hear your name, and are in your network online and offline. 

Our personal branding photo shoots walk you through the process of open and inviting images of YOU and how these image will help connect your clients and potential business contacts to your products on your website, on your social media, or in your business cards. You begin with building trust, focusing your brand towards your target audience, and become more visible to those you want to serve.

All of the photos used for this blog are personal branding photos are from our Pink Mentor Network Headshot Refresh Event.  Each of these women came into our studio and got a professional makeover and had a mini session for these gorgeous photos. 

What a makeover at Mnemosyne Studio is! by Christy Miller


Makeover Time!

Our video gives you a glimpse of what a professional makeover at Mnemosyne studio looks like!

When you get a professional makeover for a portrait session with us, our goal is to make you feel the most beautiful that you have ever felt. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows that she's beautiful and feels it inside and out. 


The Photoshoot

The day of your consultation, we will discuss the look you want to achieve for your photoshoot. Your makeover will be done in the studio by our professional stylist to ensure that you have the perfect look for your session. 

After your hair and makeup is done, you can start your photo shoot with some of the wonderful wardrobe pieces styled by us from your own personal wardrobe or you can choose from our dress wardrobe which has various sizes to fit all body types. 

We want you to look and feel your best so we work our hardest to make the day stress-free for you.  Its a day of pampering for you. We recommend going out after your shoot because you will look and feel amazing! 

Vintage Hair and Makeup Trends! by Christy Miller


To some, it may seem like the trends of old are coming back, and that's true.  Vintage trends are definitely making a comeback! Everything from contouring to winged eyeliner. Most of today's beauty trends are taken from the decades long past. We did some research and found out just how old certain trends are. 



Contouring has been around since the 16th century, but not in the way that you would think. Originally done by using soot and chalk, it was used in stage productions to help the audience read the actors expressions. 

By the 1920's, contouring made its way into the film world. It was used to accentuate the natural lines of the face, and also help the face not appear flat on film. 

Models and Actors/Actresses still use contouring today to enhance the structures of the face. 


Finger waves

Finger waves were a popular hair style of the 1920's and 1930's, and has been making a pretty big comeback since the 1990's. 

When finger waves were originally developed in the 20's it was to add style and soften the appearance of the bobbed hairstyles during the flapper era.  Finger waves were versatile in the fact that if you wanted casual, you could brush the waves out, or leave the wave in its original shape for a more dramatic look.  


Winged Eyeliner

Eye liner has been around since at least 10,000 BC. Egyptians wore eyeliner not only for aesthetics but also to protect their skin from the hot, desert sun.  In the 1920's when Tutenkhamun's tomb was discovered, it introduced eyeliner to the western world.

In the 1940's, we see the winged eyeliner come into the picture during World War II on pin up model photos.  The trend of winged eyeliner has continued since the 40's in various ways, but still just as beautiful. No matter how big, or how small the wing is, it beautifully accentuates the eyes.  


Enhanced Beauty Marks

A beauty mark is typically a dark facial mole, seen as an attractive feature.  In the 1950's , Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark generated a new standard in the fashion world.  False Beauty marks have been applied to the face since the 18th century because they were so highly regarded. 

In recent years, people have even gotten Monroe piercings, named after Marilyn Monroe, and its been the newest way of giving yourself a beauty mark. However, some take it to the extreme, like Dita Von Teese who has her beauty mark tattooed on her face.  

Smokey Eyes

Its believed that the smokey eye look has also been around since Ancient Egyptian times as well. The belief was that the darkening around the eyes would protect from the harsh rays of the sun, as well as, protect against being cursed by the evil eye.  We see the smokey eyes some in the 1920's and then dark colors went out of style again. 

It came back in the 1960's for a brief period of time, and then in the 1990's in the grunge look. Since then the smokey eye has stayed around and been used as the go-to for evening makeup for parties or similar occasions. 


False Lashes

False lashes have been around since the 1880's. In Paris, it was said they found out how to make false lashes by having hair sewn into the eyelids. Thankfully in 1911, real artificial lashes were created. 

Today, there are two types of false lashes. Temporary lashes that are applied with glue that come off at the end of the night, and Semi-permanent lashes. Semi permanent lashes is ,also known as, individual eyelash extentions where a different type of adhesive is used to attach the lashes. These last for 3-4 weeks making lash extensions a monthly service if you want to maintain your look.  

Behind The Scenes- Baby Photoshoot! by Christy Miller

Behind the scenes

Today, We were honored to be able to photograph a sweet 8-week old baby.  We'll show you some behind the scenes images and we'll go over some safety tips for you. 

Safety is, of course, the number one priority when doing a newborn shoot. ALWAYS having hands on the baby, or an adult/parent right next to the baby with hands very close. For younger newborns, it is important to understand that many images that you'll see are composite images. Using multiple images of the baby with the parent's hands in different positions, then compiled together to make one stunning image.  


Comforting Baby

For this session, We turned the heat up in the studio to a comfortable 78 degrees with a small heater in the corner that we were shooting in. This keeps baby comfortable while we're doing our shoot and dressing/undressing into different outfits.  Although we sweat a little bit, this is really the ideal temperature for photographing a newborn to 1-2 month old. 

We did some side poses as well as bum up poses, which of course included posing the feet underneath with them laying on their tummy.  Soothing baby when moving or posing is critical to keeping them asleep. Sometimes a pacifier is required, but not always. 


It takes some effort!

Our mom brought some of her props and outfits. We also used some of the props that we have here to create our final edits, which we will post after their reveal.  We believe its extremely important to capture this age because they're only THIS small once.  

Our clients love seeing the final images. They experience tears of joy and we love hearing the audible oohs and awws while they are viewing their images.

Working with infants is hard, and worth every single moment. Especially when you get the small details, the tiny fingers, the itsy bitsy toes. 

Mother's Day! by Christy Miller


My mom was a true performer. She loved singing, she loved dancing, and she loved getting in front of crowds and making them laugh and sing along whether it was at karaoke or at one of my parent’s performances. She and I had a long, involved, strained but emotional history. It’s hard for me to talk about some days, and some days more than others, but the one important thing I want to touch on is the battle I went through when I lost her.

It wasn’t the fights we had, it wasn’t the anger or hurt feelings I focused on. Those of course came first for a while, but as time passed after she was gone, those emotions turned to sadness. True sadness because she was no longer there for me to call on a whim and update her on my life. I focused more and more on the things she had done for me, taught me, made sure I understood while growing up. She was far from perfect, but what mom is?

I think that the hardest part for me was talking with the funeral home and making arrangements for my mom. They asked at one point for some photographs of her for a memorial video slideshow to have playing during her funeral…and to be honest that was the toughest part for me. It wasn’t the money, although that was a monster in and of itself…it was finding good photographs of my mother that got to me.


Realizing I had a limited amount of time to get these images, I scoured scrapbooks, scanned in some very old images of her growing up…and then realized there were no other scrapbooks to scan. There was this huge gap in her life from when I was a child growing up because…they were suddenly all images of me. My mom was the one taking the photos, she was in a few, here and there scattered throughout my life. Some of me when I was very young on her lap, one when I was with her in high school, and then nothing else with her present in photographs with me.

It hit me so hard; it became a sunken pit in the depth of my stomach. I knew she was present, physically and emotionally, but I couldn’t see her. I looked at images of myself and found comfort knowing she took the images of me, but what I longed for was pictures of the both of us. I turned to the only other source of images I had- Facebook. My mom was an avid Facebooker, she made sure to update her page frequently, daily sometimes. There were a lot of images from the past few years, but again, nothing else between the time that I was becoming a young woman until this time where I was at- 30 years old. The biggest problem for that was that the images were grainy, they certainly weren’t flattering or perfect…not how I wanted them to be or remembered her in my mind.


Exhausted after a couple days of logging into her Facebook account, downloading images, crying for hours after and in between making arrangements, getting family updated, gathering strength for what I knew was coming, I finally had enough to give to the funeral home. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have dealt with, at least in my life, one of the hardest. I still deal with it, knowing she was there, losing so much time…I feel like I have this huge empty gap but I know in my heart it’s still there.

Why am I writing this? Perhaps it’s to give some perspective from a daughter, who loved her mother very much, but her mother was always very self-conscious about her weight. She didn’t like having her photograph taken, hardly at all when I was growing up, and even into my twenties. Perhaps I feel selfish for wanting more than what I have, not to say that the memories of her aren’t enough- they are, but I know seeing photographs always brings those memories flooding back so vividly. So maybe I’m writing this for you, the mom out there that thinks your body isn’t in shape yet, and that you’ll take some professional photos next year. Maybe I’m writing this to tell you that it doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you have your hand around your son or your daughter. It doesn’t matter how much you think you need to change, because the smile they see and have seen all their life is enough to bring light to their darkness. Because I believe these words wholeheartedly, you are the mom that your children want, love, and need. 

Why you shouldn't wait to be photographed! by Christy Miller


You're already perfect! 

If you’re waiting for the right time, it may feel like you never get anything done. Sometimes even if everything seems 'perfect' we find a reason and make an excuse to put it off.  People always say they have to do 'this' or 'that' before they can get photographed. We've heard all the excuses, but the reality is, you're already perfect, just the way you are today. 


Your children see you as Mom. Mom to them means many things. It can mean the very definition of love, hope, and mentor. You are their world, and in their eyes, you are already perfect. The role model they need, the strong woman they see, and the caring and compassionate person who helps them when they fall down.

Brittany Snyder-052-Edit-2.jpg

Don't fixate on flaws

We fixate on our flaws to the point that we are discouraged by them. You already are perfect. Your body size doesn't matter. The way your hair falls doesn't matter.  What matters is that 10 or 20 years down the road when your kids are looking for portraits of their mom what will they find? 

Will they find that the images are few and far between? Their focus will be seeing their mom loving them and being with them; caring to be present with them in family portraits. Will they find some beautiful images of her just existing with her children- accepting herself and loving her body and her kids enough to exist in portraits with them at THAT moment in time because she deemed herself worth it? 

Sometimes we need to push aside our insecurities. The truth of the matter is that your children, and many people around you, see you as a beautiful, intelligent, loving woman. Ten years from now you'll look back at photos of yourself and be proud of the mom you are and reflect on how far you've come. Have you ever just looked at a photograph and had memories come flooding back? Those emotions and feelings are so vital to the way we remember the past.

Existing in photographs, by yourself, or with your children is an empowering experience. Your children will thank you for it, and you will feel thankful for the memories you saved- those moments frozen in time.


Live in the moment

Life is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. I guarantee that your children want pictures with their mother, and that your husband wants pictures with his wife!


Photos are a very important part of your children's memories. Getting gorgeous pictures taken of yourself or your family isn't silly. It's a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime to come. We're telling you that you're worth it, that you are strong, you should be proud and feel beautiful inside and out. We want to show that to the world.  All it takes is a good photographer that knows how to work with you, give you guidance, find the light and help you to look your best. 

What is a Folio Box? by Christy Miller


Folio Boxes

What exactly is a folio box? You might be wondering...well we're here to give you some insight into these beautiful products and why we love them.

The term "folio" comes from photographers presenting their work to potential clients, art shows, galleries, and other artistic opportunities in a portfolio. A portfolio is an edited collection of their best work to show an artist’s style or method of work. Portfolios were typically printed out and placed into a book for ease of viewing.

In the earlier years most photographers offered separate prints with paper box packaging or prints inside of bound books such as albums. We now have the option of the Folio Box. We scoured many different vendors until we came across one that we loved. The 11"X14" Signature Folio Box that can hold up to 25 matted images. 


Protection and Construction

They preserve and protect your prints, and it's easy to keep them safe, or you can gift the prints as they already come matted and ready to be framed.

The Folio boxes are made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted more than 10 times to be mirror finished in either black or white. The insides are black plush felt lined, chrome hinges and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of the mats.  Each folio box comes with a matching easel to display a matted print on as well as using the box as a frame. 


Why a Folio box?

Our clients love them because they are easy to use as window box displays! They sit upright on any flat surface such as a desk or bookshelf.  You can also change the images out daily, weekly, etc at your leisure, which is why we believe they are nicer than most traditional albums. 

Ten, twenty, thirty years down the road...your prints will still be clean and beautifully preserved! The folio box makes it easy to start your collection, and add to it over the years. Mothers, daughters, sons, and generations later and this beautiful box remains an heirloom for your family!

UNCC Botanical Gardens! by Christy Miller


Spring is here, and it feels amazing outside. So we decided it was time to feature one of our favorite locations to shoot at.  UNCC Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful places and makes a gorgeous backdrop for any shoot. 

Christy discovered the Botanical Gardens at UNCC back in 2012 and she's enjoyed shooting there ever since.  There are many different sections to the gardens. There are also greenhouses that house the Titan Arum plants that only bloom once every 7-10 years.  

There are many different sections to the gardens and greenhouses. You can easily spend an entire day walking around. It's absolutely beautiful there. That's why its been a favorite of ours to photograph in. 


Most recently, We captured an amazing bridal session in the gardens and couldn't be more happy with the results. The natural foliage adds so much to the beauty of these photos. 



We'd love to photograph you in at the Botanical Gardens of UNCC! 

The What and Why of #ExistInPhotos! by Christy Miller


#ExistinPhotos is a campaign from a wonderful Australian Photographer named Sue Bryce. She believes that photographers, as well as clients, need to exist in photography. We've all been at a point in our lives where we don't feel like we're good enough to be in front of a camera. We've all said things like, "I take horrible pictures." "I don't like the way I look on camera", "I'm not photogenic", etc... But #ExistInPhotos is about being PROUD of who you are, and how you look. Some people have low self-esteem but after being pampered and having a photo session with us they walk out with such a confidence boost. Everyone DESERVES to be seen, and everyone deserves to have a LEGACY. 

I've seen so many mothers get professional photos done of their children, but they're rarely ever in the photos with them; simply because they think they don't like the way they look. They are the ones behind the camera focusing on the most precious joys in their life: their kids. We are here to give you a message: Get in those photos with your kids! Because that's what you're leaving behind for your children. Celebrate the life that you have, in every stage of your beautiful life. Because those photos will be cherished for decades to come. Wouldn't you rather have gorgeous professional quality photos instead of a selfie? Your kids don't remember exactly what you looked like on a certain day- but they remember the love, the hugs, the smiles, and kisses, and the love and kindness they receive from you.

Don't hide and stop yourself from being remembered. Be proud of you who you are. Be proud of the accomplishments that you've made. Don't ever doubt your value. You are good enough to be in photographs. With your children, friends or even pets. We, as photographers, promise that we can show you an entirely new side of yourself. 



Pink Mentor Network Event- Before and Afters! by Christy Miller



This is Kirsten from the Pink Mentor Network headshot refresh event. Kirsten loved seeing a few sneak peeks of her images and commented about how professional she looked. As the session went on, she became more and more relaxed. She most definitely left with a smile on her face. She was so happy with her transformation and couldn't wait to book her reveal. 



Gina loved her makeover. She was so happy with the way she looked that she even said she was going to go on a date after her shoot! There were smiles all around in this shoot. She loved how happy she looked in her shots but the smiles were very natural. 



Deana was probably the best reaction to her makeover. She couldn't even believe her eyes. By the end of her shoot, she was walking around the studio as if she were royalty. You could see the confidence as she walked. That is what we aim for at Mnemosyne Studio. 

Behind the Scenes- Pink Mentor Network Headshot Refresh Event! by Christy Miller


The Pink Mentor Network's Head Shot Refresh Event at Mnemosyne Studio was an incredible day filled with smiles, laughter, glamour, and transformative photo shoots! What an incredible experience to see these women, to see their reactions to their makeovers, and seeing their sneak peaks on camera during their photo shoot! This was such an empowering, motivating, heart-warming, and powerful day. We cannot say enough about how thankful we are to the Pink Mentor Network!

Why is it important to get printed photographs? by Christy Miller


In the past decade, with the way that technology has advanced, we've seen a decline in people printing their photos.  Digitally storing photos is a great thing, but it should only be used as a backup.  Technology is constantly changing but it also has the capability to fail.  

You also probably don't realize the fact that all the pictures that you have saved on a hard drive, cell phone, etc. aren't photos. They are files. Files that can potentially become photos.  As well as, technology will change, over and over again. Do you remember the Sony Memory Stick, the xD cards, and floppy disks? All of those things were very widely used in their day, but most computers no longer have the hardware to access the files on those storage devices anymore. 


This is the reason that we've chosen the products that we have.  We believe that it is important to maintain and retain physical prints. The products that we've chosen will last for over 200 years. It is important to exist in printed photographs. 


What does this all mean for you? This means your children in 50 years won't have to worry about old outdated technology and the inability to access files. They'll have hard copies. Photographs that will be tangible items. They'll see you when you were younger and know that you placed value on yourself because you took the time to go to a professional to get your wall portraits and images printed. 

Grand Opening! by Christy Miller


Grand Opening

Last Saturday, we officially reopened in Indian Trail. We were joined by Mayor Michael Alvarez of Indian Trail. A huge thanks to Mayor Alvarez and Cathy's Coffee as well as The Donut House! Photos Courtesy of Raymond Patrick of Southern Elite Photography


Thank you!

We had coffee from local coffee shop Cathy's Coffee as well as donut hole snacks from The Donut House! We would like to thank everyone who came to our grand opening and shared moments with us! 

Ribbon cutting with Mayor Alvarez of Indian Trail NC